A Comedy Debate

Jack Klaff & Maria Kempinska

- Venue: Main Hall
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 12+
- Duration: mins

Beyond a Joke. Comedians. Megalomaniacs or Shamans? Debating is challenging Comedy to be the new rock ‘n roll. So, inevitably, here’s a Comedy Debate. In olden days the jester punctured pomposity, defused bullying and bravely spoke truth to power. Nowadays comedians are themselves pompous, bullying, greedy, unacceptable, uncensored demagogues and psychopaths No! Not true! Comedians deserve their fame, money and influence. Laughter is our species’ highest achievement and comedians are the best and the brightest people on earth, today’s philosopher kings or shamans. Star debaters include John Lloyd (QI, The Meaning of Liff), Simon Evans (Chaelmcintyre’s Roadshow, Mock The Week) and Dan Antopolski (Fringe Legend).