Fantasy No. 10 - The Beauty of Life

Vladimir Tzekov Stage Action Laboratory

- Venue: Cairns Lecture Theatre
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 18+
- Duration: 50 mins

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Vladimir Tzekov Stage Action Laboratory: A performance about the middle-truths and middle-lies that engulf our whole life. No meaning can maintain its state of fullness when rhythm becomes as important as logic itself to understand normality. Middle-characters, middle-interpretations, middle-choreographies, all to explore the intermediate space lying between individuals and their lack of identity. Gorgeous and dramatic, delicate and aggressive, absurd but meaningful, all at the same time.

We have participated with our performances in festivals in Bulgaria, Poland, Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom and Kosovo. The company has been awarded several times:

– First prize at the theatre festival of Agadir University, Marocco., March, 2012. Rhapsody Nº2 “Life is a dream”

– First prize at the theatre festival of Casablanca University, Marocco. July,2012. Rhapsody Nº2 “Life is a dream”

– “Best of Be” and best “Mise en scene” Prizes at Be Festival, Birmingham, UK. July, 2012. Fantasy nº10: “The beauty of life”

– “Best Performance” at Skena Up Festival. Prishtina, Kosovo, December, 2012.
Fantasy nº10: “The beauty of life”

"A disarming oddity ... rhythmical unsettling and absurdly funny"
The Times
"A strikingly bold piece"
"Emanates loss and lament, then ecstasy"