The Principle of Uncertainty

Arditodesìo Company

- Venue: Cairns Lecture Theatre
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 14+
- Duration: 75 mins


A quantum mechanics lecture. A man who loves the Universe. The scientific method that clashes with pseudoscience. A secret. A confession…

The professor walks through some of the most intriguing concepts of quantum mechanics in order to present a beautiful world made of mysteries and paradoxes. But in the midst of all that awe-inspiring joy, the lecture turns into a confession that mixes some of the more advanced ideas of physics (Schroedinger’s cat, the many-worlds theories) with the professor’s secrets.

The Principle of Uncertainty UK Premiere

Arditodesìo Company / Andrea Brunello Ph.D. and Enrico Merlin
Inspired by Richard Feynman.

"Physics becomes poetry…"
Enrico Piergiacomi /