Ryan The Wheelbarrow

- 12 August - 23 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Lower Church Gallery
Ryan_the_wheelbarrow Midnight_Highlight

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An emerging and popular artist from Miami, Ryan the Wheelbarrow is a talented painter, “fashion vandal” and custom designer of collectable vinyl art toys for the sophisticated and stylish youth market. Unusually for an urban interventionist he works with typography and letters to create overlapping, intense and colourful canvasses but as well as exhibiting his paintings, in a two day event Ryan the Wheelbarrow invites members of the public to join the art process and get their clothes screen-printed live for a small fee of £10 per person – thus creating a wearable 1of1 work of art. This will be the first time RtW will have exhibited outside of the United States.

Live Fashion Vandalism – the public performance will take place in the Lower Church Gallery at 3pm on 16th-18th August. There will be a Cancer Research Scotland stall situated outside the venue space for those who would like to buy items of clothing. Tickets from Summerhall Box Office.