Visual Art

Exhibitions opening times: August Festival: 11am – 9pm / September: 11am – 6pm


Süßer Duft Edinburgh 2013

Gregor Schneider

- 2 August - 25th August, 2013
- Summerhall Basement Gallery

Famous for his architectural interventions into museum spaces, Schneider has created for Summerhall’s imposing and ominous lower basement rooms, a strong, deeply intense and, perhaps controversial, statement about racism and slavery. Visitors to Süßer Duft enter the space alone and …

BANNER 680 Copyright Excoffon

The Vanity Press

Fiona Banner

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Meadow Gallery & surrounding galleries

Banner’s presentation at Summerhall premiers new film works and recent publications with a focus on performance. Three video works will be shown for the first time: Mirror, Jane’s and Chinook, the latter capturing a Chinook helicopter performing an absurd yet …


Images Were Introduced

Michael Nyman

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Upper Church Gallery, Hope Park Terrace

Michael Nyman’s first ever exhibition in Scotland will consist of a major installation in Summerhall’s Upper Church Gallery (off Hope Street Terrace) showing simultaneously the video film-maker, photographer and composer’s ten (10!) remakes of the famous vintage film “Man with …


One Hundred Multiples by Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Courtyard Gallery and Dissection Room Gallery

Taken from the collection of the curator Piet de Jong this survey of one hundred of the multiples released by the conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner will be exhibited for the first time at Summerhall before touring elsewhere. Lawrence Weiner is …

Ryan_the_wheelbarrow Midnight_Highlight


Ryan The Wheelbarrow

- 12 August - 23 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Lower Church Gallery

An emerging and popular artist from Miami, Ryan the Wheelbarrow is a talented painter, “fashion vandal” and custom designer of collectable vinyl art toys for the sophisticated and stylish youth market. Unusually for an urban interventionist he works with typography …

Robbie Thomson’s Ecstatic Arc

Ecstatic Arc

Robbie Thomson

- 2 August - 25 August, 2013
- Library Gallery

Combining music and mechanical choreography to spectacular effect,  Ecstatic Arc is seductive in its raw beauty. The theatrical installation is based on a dystopian future of masks and sculptures, created using found objects, recording devices and a caged Tesla coil. …


Scuffed Underside

Martin Green

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Dean’s Office Gallery

Green creates delicate artworks half-way between sculpture and paintings. Using a strange assortment of unusual found objects, a series of experiments lead this quiet contemplative man to form works that see parts of memorial poppies inserted into books with sawn …


Moving Beyond

Chinese Modern Abstract Art

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- The Long Corridor

Six contemporary Chinese artists (Liu Guofo, Guan Jing Jing, Yang Liming, Liang Qian, He Gong and Wu Jian) will be exhibiting works in an arts project conceived by Chinese poet Yang Lian and Dr Janet McKenzie (Editor: Studio International). The …


Hut Drawings

Johnny Miller

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Summerhall Courtyard

As part of Summerhall’s ‘Pop-Up-Art’ installations in the main courtyard, Tokyo-based artist Miller will be exhibiting hundreds of his detailed ink and gouache drawings in a large purpose built hut (a strategy for exhibiting the artist has used before). Taking …


Saki and Flynn

Stuart McCaffer

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Summerhall Courtyard

McCaffer is a conceptual artist and also a trained barber. As part of Summerhall’s ‘Pop-Up-Art’ installations in the main courtyard, McCaffer will offer haircuts for the price of £10 in a specially created wooden barbershop which will be adorned with …

Teglers 4 kopi

Looking For Eva

Mads Teglers

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (26-27th August)
- Summerhall Courtyard

Documenting a young woman’s attempt to understand her itinerant and adventurous grandmother through role play, Tegler’s photography is exhibited as installation rather than a traditional hanging. Different sizes of images, some merely ink-jet outputs of reproductions from photographs, others glossy …


The Immeasurable Equation

Sun Ra

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- The Attic Lounge

An exhibition of previously unseen cover art and LP covers and ephemera from the esoteric, spiritual jazz great Sun Ra and the Arkestra plus photographs by Baron Wolman and others of the band and their eccentric front-man in concert and …


The Blue Book

Derek Jarman

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Summerhall Courtyard

Blue was the last film made by the acclaimed film-maker. Written at a time when Jarman knew he was likely to die from AIDS-related causes, the screen is entirely taken up with a deep blue colour with a poetic mostly-auto-biographical …

TimNeat drawing of John Berger, Avignon 2012

Last Of The Heroic Modernists – John Berger In Scotland

Timothy Neat and John Berger

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Ground Floor Corridor and Cafe

Scottish writer and filmmaker Timothy Neat has collaborated with Berger since 1978. As a ‘trailer’ to Neat’s Retrospective Exhibition, ‘STANDS SCOTLAND WHERE SHE DID?’ (Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, 28 September – 9 November 2013), Summerhall is proud to exhibit photographs, …



Gavin Evans

- 6 & 7 August, 2013 (19:00)
- Dissection Room

A world premiere of cinematic movements by Gavin Evans, composed and performed live by virtuoso violinist Richard Moore and sonic artist Tom Hull. Uncompromising photographer and film-maker Evans has created a body of work that shines a torch on the …


The Performing Eye – 30 Years Of Festival & Performing Arts

Marius Alexander

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Corridor to Children's Space

Marius Alexander has photographed every one of Edinburgh’s many Festivals for 30 years. His work has been published in numerous books, magazines and newspapers all over the World, and widely exhibited. Here a selection of his striking images will be shown …


Exhibition In A Pocket

Paul Robertson

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Various locations

Summerhall’s curator will be offering a fully curated exhibition at bar and coffee tables during the Festival. Entirely based on small avant-garde artworks kept in his jacket pockets, interested visitors will be shown the works and invited to discuss them …


The Esterhazy Archive Watercolours

Hugh Buchanan

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Main Stair

Hugh Buchanan, Scotland’s most celebrated watercolourist, turns to the dusty documents from the Esterhazy archive for the subject matter of his Summerhall exhibition, the first display of his work in Edinburgh for over 20 years.


Selection From The Richard Demarco Archive

Richard Demarco

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Richard Demarco Gallery

Demarco European Art Foundation exhibition at Summerhall will replay its exhibition at our Italo-Scottish Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale in June only, entitled ‘Italo-Scotland in Europe, Europe in Italo-Scotland’ following on from the exhibition “Scotland in Europe” at  Scotland House, …

Frere nakbedin3

Return Of The Soul – The Wall – The Void

Jane Frere

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Richard Demarco Gallery

Painting, drawing, print making, and models following from a journey in three parts beginning with Palestine 2007 to 2013.


Troubles In Europe: Paintings & Installation

Robert McDowell

- 2 August - 31 August, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)
- Richard Demarco Gallery

Works exploring how a visual artist may respond to political-economy questions?


Phenotype Genotype (PhG)

Various Artists

- Permanent exhibition

Summerhall’s permanent exhibition of avant garde works set in an original laboratory setting, Phenotype Genotype (PhG) will show over 400 small, medium and large works by a wide range of diverse artists amidst items rescued from Summerhall’s scientific past. The …


Pain Thing

Robert Kuśmirowsk

- 2 August - 27 September, 2013 (closed 26-27th August)

Polish artist Robert Kuśmirowski created a major installation in Summerhall’s former stables for last year’s Edinburgh Festival. This year is another chance to see that permanently sited work – an animal experiment has gone wrong and an unwitting  sacrifice has …